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email – ahallproductions (at) gmail.com
phone – 1-613-408-2260

About Andrew Hall

I make videos that tell compelling stories for social media (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) and corporate websites. I work quickly and efficiently, and deliver videos that engage the target audience. My special expertise is taking dry, technical language and creating an informative and entertaining video that will prompt viewers to ask for more information.

My background is 30 years experience with different video formats and audiences (10 years’ experience making educational videos for the Bank of Canada for adult and student audiences, and 20 years as a TV, radio and print journalist). I have experience in all stages of video production, from the initial planning with audience targeting and managing focus groups, to planning all aspects of a production, to working as script writer, cameraman and editor. I am very comfortable working solo as a single-person crew, up to hiring and directing multiple crews for high-end multi-camera shoots.